Informatics for Life meets eCardiology

IFL Scientists presented interactive workshops

This year, our scientists were again actively involved as part of the eCardiology section at the annual meeting of the German Society for Cardiology in Mannheim. In addition to the many exciting lectures at the conference, they presented workshops and demonstrations on digital topics in medicine in the modern ambience of the Ella & Louis. Anyone who wanted could immerse oneself in the virtual world with AR glasses or test various mobile sensors and find out about their benefits. New useful apps, a demonstration of ChatGPT and even genetic sequencing could be tried out with the help of a cleverly constructed Lego model. Illustrative models familiarised visitors with 3D printing and lifelike simulations in cardiac surgery.

You can see a small selection of what was presented here in the video by Dr. Heart (from minute 8:00).


Symposium HEALTHY AI

AI meets Medicine: Promises and limits

In a relaxed atmosphere in the common room of the mathematical institute, this topic was discussed in various facets and from different perspectives.

Whether the topic was “Model-driven or Data-driven” or the question was “Games, Gadgets or AI: What will transform our lives?” – the discussions were stimulated by short keynote speeches and then actively discussed in the auditorium.

The keynote by Professor Steven Niederer (King’s College London) on the topic of “Computational Modeling: Prime time for the clinics” was also discussed controversially and was a real highlight.

Finally the speakers and the audience argued about what is already possible – Real-world implementation of data science and AI.

All day long the posters from this year’s competition were issued. The best placed won the Informatics for Life Award which was given for the third time.

Congratulate to this year’s winner, Malte Tölle.

New professorship “Precision Digital Health”

Our PI Benjamin Meder has accepted the call to the W3 professorship “Precision Digital Health” at Heidelberg University. As part of the research professorship, his focus is on molecular and digital biomarkers, the use of artificial intelligence in everyday clinical practice and wearables.


Informatics for Life Teams finished at the HeidelbergMan Triathlon 2022

In almost perfect weather (it could have been a bit cooler), the athletes faced the competition course, which is beautiful and demanding at the same time.

The swimmers jump into the cool water at the old bridge to the Neckarwiese and hand over to the cyclists there. His path runs twice on the Königsstuhl on a wooded circuit. The last stage takes the runner up the Philosophenweg and finally back down to the finish line on the Neckarwiese.

Congratulations to our Informatics for Life Teams, who finished with a top time and deservedly enjoyed this year’s finisher medals.

Special thanks go to the Klaus Tschira Foundation for the great support and of course to our fans.


I4L – Yearly Meeting

Our yearly meeting on November 13th was joined by an incredible number of participants. Also Ms Spiegel an Ms Spahn from the Klaus Tschira Stiftung signed in.

This years speakers illuminated not only their field of research but also the state of the art and other new innovations so that we got a colorful and varied overview.

We also started our “Informatics for Life Best Poster Award” which 13 young scientists took part in and presented their projects. In the end, the jury awarded two first prizes. They go to David Lehmann, as well as to Roger Karl and Lalith NagSharan Gururaj.



Announcement – 6th Lecture Series

Prof. Dr. Oliver Stegle
Head of Division of Computational Genomics and Systems Genetics DKFZ, Heidelberg and Visiting Associated Group Leader, EMBL Heidelberg

will give a talk on

„Machine learning for multi omics analytics “

The talk is held via Videoconference on Thursday, February 25th at 6:00 PM

Register at contact [at] informatics4life [dot] org

We would be happy to include you in our email distribution list to inform you about future events.



5th Lecture Series

At our 5th Lecture Series last week, Prof. Stefan Listl gave an interesting talk on „Getting teeth into Clinical Decision Support for integrated NCD management”

Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems offer unique potential for improving chronic care. Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular and dental diseases are the three most expensive diseases in the EU.

However, as recently highlighted by WHO and The Lancet, the intrinsic links between oral and general health have often been neglected. This talk will provide insights into the chances and challenges involved in the development of a prototypic CDS system for integrated management of NCDs at the interface of medical and oral health care.

I4L – Yearly Meeting

Our yearly meeting on November 14th was joined by an incredible number of participants. Nearly all registered PIs and scientists logged in to our virtual work breakfast. Also Ms Spiegel an Ms Spahn from the Klaus Tschira Stiftung signed in to hear about the progress in the subprojects and new ideas in the Hot Topics.

We thank everyone for the successful event and the great appreciation of our surprise.

The workshop “Towards the I4L Data Experience: From Data to Information” which was postponed for time reasons will be made up on December 8th.

Safe the date!