Symposium HEALTHY AI

AI meets Medicine: Promises and limits

In a relaxed atmosphere in the common room of the mathematical institute, this topic was discussed in various facets and from different perspectives.

Whether the topic was “Model-driven or Data-driven” or the question was “Games, Gadgets or AI: What will transform our lives?” – the discussions were stimulated by short presentations and then actively discussed in the auditorium.

The keynote by Professor Steven Niederer (King’s College London) on the topic of “Computational Modeling: Prime time for the clinics” was also discussed controversially and was a real highlight.

Finally the speakers and the audience argued about what is already possible – Real-world implementation of data science and AI.

All day long the posters from this year’s competition were issued. The best placed won the Informatics for Life Award which was given for the third time.

Congratulation to this year’s winner, Malte Tölle.