PD Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Potschka

Head of Junior Research Group “Model-based optimizing control”
Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing
Heidelberg University



2001 – 2006 Studies of Mathematics (minor Computer Science)
Heidelberg University
2001 – 2004 Student mentor at Heidelberger Life-Science-Lab German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg
2003 Course Leader
Mathematics at Science Academy Baden-Württemberg
2005 Complimentary Research Scholar
Rice University, Houston, USA
2006 – 2013 Research assistant Bock group
Heidelberg University
2009 – 2010 Mentor at Hector Seminar for gifted pupils
2011 Doctorate in Mathematics
Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing Heidelberg University
Since 2012 Head of Junior Research Group Model-based optimizing control
Heidelberg University
Since 2013 Research assistant (Akademischer Rat a.Z.) Bock Group
Heidelberg University
2014 – 2015 Interim Professorship (W3) Optimization
University of Mannheim
Since 2017 Interim Professorship (W3) Numerical Mathematics
Heidelberg University
2018 Habilitation in Mathematics
Heidelberg University


2001 – 2006 Stipend of the State of Bavaria for gifted students
2009 Best talk from a didactical point of view
14th Belgian-French-German Conference on Optimization, Leuven, Belgium
2012 Klaus Tschira Prize for Publicly Understandable Science (Mathematics)



H.C. La, A. Potschka, J.P. Schlöder, H.G. Bock, ‘Dual control and online optimal experimental design’, SIAM J Sci Comput (2017), accepted

Göttlich, A. Potschka, U. Ziegler, ‘Partial Outer Convexification for traffic light optimization in road networks’, SIAM J Sci Comput (2017), 39(1):B53–B75

Potschka, ‘Backward Step Control for globalized Newton-type methods’, SIAM J Numer Anal (2016), 54(1):361–387

F.M. Hante, M.S. Mommer, A. Potschka, ‘Newton–Picard preconditioners for time-periodic, parabolic optimal control problems’, SIAM J Numer Anal (2015), 53(5): 2206–2225

A. Potschka, ‘Direct Multiple Shooting for parabolic PDE constrained optimization’ (2015), in T. Carraro, M. Geiger, S. Körkel and R. Rannacher, editors, Multiple Shooting and Time Domain Decomposition Methods, volume 9 of Contributions in Mathematical and Computational Sciences, 159–181, Springer International Publishing